Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Million Dollar Party

So one year on...what have I up my sleeve for Little Miss O's birthday. Not a 'party' in the sense of spending lots of money like last year. I just want her to have a lovely day. I know that the key to her having a lovely day will be her spending time with her most favourite friends, doing what she loves and having everyone sing 'Happy Birthday' to her. I just know that a fun day out with Mr O and I will not cut it (as fun as we are!)...but I'm determined to be able to give my child a great birthday memory...

I've been thinking up thrifty but still fabulous kid's party ideas. Little Miss O recently went to a party where the kids just played for 2 hours with the birthday boy's toys. They LOVED it. The parents just stood around and chilled..everyone was happy. Sometimes simple things can work really well..and it's lovely to nurture children's imaginations and creativity. I love that Little Miss O believes in magic - I want to embrace this stage because like every other so far, as soon as I realise how special it is, its gone...sniff sniff! Now, my experience of party planning is that even the simplest idea can become expensive once you increase the size of the guest list. So far, I've listed key people to invite (i.e. her local friends) and we already have 12 on the list. Add the parents and ourselves and you're talking a mini soiree for! I've not even begun thinking about 'family etiquette' yet...yikes! 

descriptionLittle Miss has been soooooo good lately and I want to make an extra special effort for her to have a fun day...she really does deserve it this year more than any before. I want her to have a million dollar party that doesn't cost a small fortune...

The weather here has been lush lately and I'm feeling inspired to throw a garden party , that would be loads of fun, right?! Not sure our home can cope with 12 kids and their parents! If the sun doesn't have his [why is the sun male btw?] hat on, then it'll have to be an open house affair!

I might just go for this!

Ooooh, I'm excited...I'm thinking music (they LOVE JLS!), bubbles, a big picnic blanket, food, drink and perhaps a bit of face paint for parents and kids alike. Why should the kids have all the fun!  

Any back-up ideas in case the weather man takes a dislike to my plans?

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