Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My take on today's current affair: The riots aren't fair

London's burning
What are you doing?
Birmingham riots
What are you doing?
Everyone's fighting
Why are you doing what you're doing?
Free stuff?
Just doing what your mates do?
Just doing what the bbm said?


Why not, I suppose?
What have you to lose?
Sure, it's your local area, but does it feel like your community?
What did your local teachers ever do for you?
What did your local police ever do for you?
Do you feel like you belong?
Do you feel like anyone gives a damn?
If not,
Why not?


So what, you think you have
No options?
Nothing to lose?


So, loot why don't you?
Why not?


Nobody ever showed you what that means,
So how should you know, right?
Why should you care, right?
If no-one cares for you,
Why should you care them.
Plus, you don't even know 'them',
Do you?
They're just buildings, right?



I'm not excusing looting,
I don't condone your fighting,
Your mugging does not impress me,
And the Bible clearly told you not to thieve.

It's not right.
It's not OK.
And you know this.

It has to stop,
Lest the whole country burns to ashes.
Then who wins?
Not you!?
Not me!?

Now, Leeds.

Come on.

You will tire eventually,
So will everyone else.


It's getting silly now.

People will get hurt,
And when they do, please don't mug them,
That's just deep beyond comprehension.

This mess is gonna cost money to fix.

Just stop it.
Nothing lasts forever.

But, can't you just stop it now.
I've heard you.
I've seen you.
I almost get it.

But now, just stop.

So what if the clean up costs money.
It's not your money,
You don't pay tax,
No-one would give you a job, right?!

It would have cost money to invest in building your community
It would also cost money to invest in supporting you and your family
It would also cost money to invest in building your morals, aspirations and hope
Dammit, they didn't spend enough to help build your future, right?

Why don't I ask them, 'why? why not?'

I already know why.
That would only have reduced inequality,
Our 'society' doesn't like equality,
Not one bit.
It's fine for people with money, education and power to 'seize' opportunities,
God forbid you do it though,
That just renders you a thug, right?

Politicians know that this is not about poor angry people messing up their own lives.
They know its not about getting free stuff.
They know its not about thuggery,
They know its not about poverty,
Its not even about justice - at least it isn't anymore.

Its about inequality.
Its about things not being fair.

The policies aren't fair.
But you know that already don't you.

But here's a brainwave,
The riots aren't fair.

Our supposed society is not 'fair'...because what we want for society is not what we want for ourselves.
We're all selfish, some more than others.
We're all watching our own backs.

And so we continue....


  1. Have you seen this piece about it, and the possible reasons? I think you'd like it.


    This paragraph made me want to cry: "Our fatherless, ghettoized children have told us: I have no love and no hope, so I can say what I like and do what I like. I know adults are scared of me and are scared of doing what is right. I am entitled to what I want, to take what is not mine and I will not be punished. If you defy me I will fall on you with an insane fury you cannot imagine or understand. The work is nearly complete; the British child as manufactured psychopath."

    It made me feel so grateful for growing up with someone who loved me enough to tell me no. And feel such pity for those who don't.

    I'd be interested to know what you think about it :)

  2. I think your comment Angharad sums up my thoughts on it too. I insist that people are a product of the society that they live - whoever raised themselves eh?! : ) Sorry for the late comment hun xx


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