Saturday, 2 July 2011

40 days of thankfulness

So, today is day 42 of 40... That's right, my 40 days of thankfulness is up! I've not kept my blog up to date and at first I felt 'oh no! I didn't achieve what I set out to' but then I realised that I did and more. I started my blog posts on thankfulness because I was going through a moody, whingey annoying phase- I mean when you start irritating yourself by your own behaviour- there's a problem. Initially I blogged daily about what put a smile on my face that day and then as the days went on I didn't Feel the need to validate my exercise by blogging. By day 20 or so, I found that I wasn't so much having to consciously think of positive things that had happened in my day. I really feel like I've achieved something by retraining myself to find the positive and dwell less on things that don't go my way, are beyond my control, displeasing to me' or anything like that. I'm feeling so energised lately and so even if I haven't managed to write down my daily entries... I'm just as 'busy' as I was 42 days ago, except now, I don't feel stressed for all the positive things in my life.

40 days - successful xxx xxx

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