Monday, 9 May 2011

Passion makes the world go round...

Passion makes the world go round, love just makes it a safer place... Or say said Jazmine Sullivan...

Go figure?!?!

How do we know the difference between love, lust, crushing, obsession, being 'in' love? 

I've felt all these emotions for my husband...But still, if asked to explain these concepts, I find myself at a loss for words.. If you know me' personally, then you know that me' being lost for words is as rare as an eclipse! 

What do 'butterflies' mean? Are they a prerequisite for falling 'in' love--- I mean, can true love happen without them? Can butterflies be felt with some who isn't your 'true love'?

So many questions that I would love to be able to answer confidently someday...maybe I will, maybe not.

If you really want to get me started, ask what a soulmate is?!?!  How many of us are lucky enough to meet them? I've 'no' idea how to define Such things...

I've been (for want of a better word) counselling people and being counselled myself recently about relationships, love and marriage. Then suddenly, I realised, what the fr*ck do I even know. I only have my own experience to go by, I'm still very much a newlywed and I have learnt so much from those who have gone before me'- you've just gotta love the 'aunties' who tell it like it is...

For now though, I'm enjoying thinking about these different emotions and what they mean to my husband and I... And to my closest most friends and famble- thank you for your words!

Happy Monday

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