Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Little Miss O says the not-so-FUNNIEST things...

Little Miss O: Mummy, I'm scared...
Me: Why are you scared?
Little Miss O: ..because that lady is fat!
Me: (shocked and convinced I had misheard) WHAT did you say?!
Little Miss O: I'm scared because that lady is FAT!
Me: But you can't say that sweetie pie, the lady might be upset, because people don't like it when you call them fat!
Little Miss O: (looking very confused) But I'm scared...

Oh dear!

Luckily on this occasion we were in the car, so no offence was caused, but I'm a tad concerned as this isn't the first time that she has announced being 'scared' of a person. The first time was in the supermarket.

It went like this:

Little Miss O: Mummy, I'm scared...
Me: (really worried, as this was the first time she had ever said that!) Oh no sweetie pie, why are you scared...?
Random-heavily-bearded Man (pops out of nowhere!): I think she's scared of me.
Me (trying to escape the aisle!): Oh no, I'm sure it's something else...
Little Miss O: I'm scared Mummy (this time pointing up at the man!)
Random-heavily-bearded Man: ahahahaha
Me: I am SO sorry about this, maybe if you just flash her a smile then!
Random-heavily-bearded Man: (*smile*)
Little Miss O: (*smile*)

I love her innocence and I love that she is confident enough to say exactly whatever she feels BUT I think my cutie pie and I need to have a little chat about political correctness and timing perhaps! : ) Eeek!

I mean shouting 'look Mummy, that's a WILLY' as we approach the sausage section in the supermarket is one thing, but I just have no idea what she is going to say next - and worst of all, who she is going to say it to!

Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? If so, what is a Mum to do (apart from snigger quietly to myself)! 

Mrs O


  1. oh my days!!!!! Miss L is killing me over here! Good luck with political correctness love...this girl is serious!

  2. Oh that is too funny! I can't wait to see what my little guy has in store..


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