Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Here today, gone tomorrow...

So Little Miss O turned two last week - TWO! Time flies! The day after her birthday, I became a God-Mummy for the first time. How exciting. I feel so privileged to have been 'chosen' ... I nominated myself to be Mum, but I was nominated by someone else (whom I respect),  to be a God-Mummy! It's such an honour and I met her for the first time yesterday.

She was SO tiny and so sweet! Newborns give me a really strange feeling...I kind of fear if I'm honest.. they're so new, so innocent, so dependent... they can't do ANYTHING, they can't even hold up their own heads...yet they're so perfect. As I watched my own daughter cradling my God-daughter, I had a very strange feeling. I just couldn't believe that Little Miss O had ever been so small... so new, so innocent and so dependent.. I know she must have been a newborn at some stage...and they were roughly the same weight but I really cannot remember looking after such a small person.

It made me realise just how quickly children grow up. I took Little Miss O to nursery today and she said 'Mummy go home now!' ...she wanted to left alone, with her friends, to do her 'thing'...she wasn't new, was less knowledgeable and certainly is less and less dependent on me by the day...

I suppose my feelings at the moment are - enjoy 'now', enjoy today because in 24 hours it will be tomorrow and you just can't get today back again...gosh, now that is food for thought!

Mrs O

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