Friday, 2 October 2009

For the love of Bobbi...

OK, this is my first post...and interestingly it's about cosmetics. I do love make-up, but I have to confess, I'm more of a collector, more than a user. In fact, scratch that, I'm just a hoarder! I can't lie!

It started with collection 2000 nail polishes - remember those things - the lovely glass bottles of multi-coloured gunk! I had all the colours and sometimes painted each nail a different colour...hmmm...

I then progressed to MAC, I gathered so many of those little pots of powdered colour! I loved them, the vibrancy, the texture, the staying power...until I met Bobbi! It was on a recent trip to Clarins, that I overheard a lady at the Bobbi Brown counter, asking about a Bridal Makeover. Did someone say 'free'... ordinarily, I'd ask for two! : ) In this case, one makeover was quite enough...the products were fabulous...

When I say that the make up lasted for 10 hours, I mean it didn't move for TEN HOURS ladies! It is like miracle make-up. I went back the next day and bought a few of the products that the make up artist used (she was like a secret Dita Von Teese - a story for another day)

I bought the following:

 * Long wear cream shadow - FANTASTIC!  I've never used cream eyeshadow before, but I can honestly say, if ever I'm feeling serious about applying my make-up, this will be on my MUST list.

 * Corrector - this worked like a concealer and was brilliant, only better. I have used a range of concealers, from MAC to Sleek and have never really been impressed...until this! It was, again, fantastic!

 *  Eyeshadow - the texture of this eyeshadow was brilliant. The colour is really deep and came straight off on to my brush with just one stroke...simply I loved it and will be adding to my 'collection' of eyeshadows from the Bobbi Brown range!

As much as I love Bobbi, I will still remain the kind of girl that mixes and matches from different brands to find the very best products. We can't all be good at everything and I believe the same is true of cosmetics...Bobbi wins on the eye make-up, but Chanel still has the lipgloss in the bag!

Mrs O

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  1. Welcome to blog land! Like it!

    I too am a great love of Ms Brown!


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