Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Big, Slim or a bit of both?

For most girls, choosing a wedding dress is the single, biggest fashion decision we have to make. I struggled for over a year to find the perfect dress. But you know what, I did!!! It really is hard to know what you want in a wedding-world so full of options!

Strapless, backless, frontless (yes, I've seen this)..big, slim or a bit of both. I wont reveal just yet what I decided on, as Mr O is yet to see me glide down the aisle! For now, I thought I'd display the best of each kind of dress... 'The BIG and Bold', 'The Slim and Slinky' and 'The Bit of Both!'

The BIG and Bold
This dress from Oscar De La Rentas Spring 2009 collection, for me embodies femininity. It truly is stunning. I LOVE the sweetheart neckline, in combination with the curly twirls of silk organza. I could just fall asleep on this dress. It is stunning! On a smaller budget, Ian Stuart has some fabulous designs that push the boundaries of bridal style over to the high fashion couture arena!

The Slim and Slinky
This lace number from Charlotte Balbier's, Imagination Collection, is called Tabitha. Simply, I heart this dress. It is such a simple statement of slimline elegance, and glamour. The plunge back says, 'sexy' in the most subtle and perfect way for a bride. In a word - beautiful. I am a huge fan of Charlotte's style. Every dress is soft, feminine and unique.

The Bit of Both
Sometimes a girl just cannot decide between fulfilling the desire to be princess in a 'Big and Bold' and wanting to show of the figure that we have TIRELESSLY tried to maintain! So, how about 'The Both of Both'? Show off the figure on the top and have a nice big 'princessy' skirt at the bottom. Here are couple of items that fit this description, that you just have to love.
Manuel Mota - Tamara, from the 2010 Collection.

Elie by Elie Saab - Carla, from the 2010 Collection

Mrs O

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